A Letter From The Chief Executive

Dear Members, Patrons, Partners, West Indians and Guests;

Welcome to the new website of The West India Committee, an organisation established in 1735, and the oldest body representative of the Commonwealth and its dependencies.

Founded by the Planters and Sugar Merchants of the West Indies at the zenith of the infamous ‘Triangle of Trade’, the WIC inevitably attracts a negative reaction from those for whom the era of slavery continues to cast an indelible shadow upon West Indian society. Yet for the rest, the WIC is a much cherished venerable institution that has for the majority of its history held the welfare of the region and all its peoples at its very heart.

As a Royal Charter institution with charitable status and an in depth understanding of the West Indies and its peoples, the WIC stands in a uniquely influential position from which, propelled by the strength of its history, it may serve the interests of West Indians throughout the world.

The West India Committee recognises that through one of the most painful episodes in the history of the modern world, West Indian society as we know it today was born: a society that is one of most successfully diverse in the world, embracing every colour, creed and culture as its own. It is from this foundation that the WIC now bases its work of serving the peoples of the West Indies both at home and abroad.

Blondel Cluff
Chief Executive
The West India Committee

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