The West India Committee Today



As a UK charity, our initiatives naturally lie within the sphere of innovation, social responsibility and environmental sustainability. That is the essence of British commerce today.


We see our role as a catalyst, having first assessed, advised and introduced compatible entities that have the potential to achieve mutually beneficial growth. This model is viable for each Caribbean nation, all of whom face unique social, economic and environmental challenges magnified within the confines of their small economies. Our initiatives often expose vast, unexplored potential for UK trade and industry, much of which is currently being absorbed by competitors such as China, who do not share the same objectives for this strategically important region – a portal to the Americas. Our work includes health, education, defense, and communication, and creates opportunities for governments, large corporations and SME’s, as part of our ‘ sustainable trade not aid’ philosophy.


The West India Committee is also actively mobilising the vast UK and global diasporas of the region to participate in the diversification and growth of their respective countries’ economies. We embrace the diaspora through education, training and mentoring, supporting young people and students at universities, colleges and youth clubs. Our catchment is not, however, restricted to West Indians, but includes anyone or entity that may benefit the region directly or indirectly.








Dereck Weltevrenden

Derek Weltevrenden

"WIC, with its values of promoting agriculture, manufacturing industries and trade allowed me to actively experience solving a real life problem. The work I produced is now being looked over by the government of the Overseas Territory in question where my recommendations are being considered. As an engineering undergraduate this experience was invaluable and improved my employability prospects."

Derek Weltevrenden, London, 2012




Sabina Bridge

Sabina Bridge

The support of the West India Committee allowed me to write my Masters on the water security of an Overseas Territory. Through the auspices of the charity my work is now in the hands of the Government of the Overseas Territory. I was also presented with the 1st WIC graduate prize at my King’s College London graduation ceremony."

Sabina Bridge, London, 2012





Jason Williams-Quarry

Jason Williams-Quarry

"From the very first day at WIC I was given a creative freedom and access to opportunities that is extremely rare in the majority of organisations.  This allowed me to greatly accelerate the growth in my abilities and confidence; especially when briefing and discussing project design and implementation with Senior Officials and Heads of Government.

Whether it was meetings at the Foreign Office, Houses of Parliament or Google HQ (to name a few) Mrs Cluff encouraged us to attend and participate fully.  Whilst employed at WIC, Mrs Cluff also arranged employment experience for me at Dods (information providers and trainers of the UK Parliament since 1832) and worked hard to prise the very best out of myself. Working tirelessly for the benefit of WIC and the growth of her employees.

Mrs Cluff is someone I greatly admire and if it were not for her belief and confidence in my abilities to provide such significant opportunities for me so relatively early in my career then I would not have the experience or portfolio I have to date.

I owe much to WIC and as a lifetime Fellow of WIC I will continue to assist the organisation whenever I can.  In September I will be undertaking my Masters at Leiden University in Crisis and Security Management, supported by a bursary from WIC."

Jason Williams-Quarry, London, 2014



Jamie Tavares

Jamie Tavares

“Whilst working at WIC I was entrusted with early responsibility, which gave me the confidence to tackle the tasks given to me, with enthusiasm and interest. I was given some of the most exciting work to date including drafting and presenting my comments on a UK government White Paper and considering how UK legislation could be adopted overseas. My time at WIC gave me exposure to the work of charities and the interaction between various institutions and organisations both in the UK and abroad. Due to the efforts of the Chief Executive, much needed training and guidance I have acquired a wealth of transferable knowledge, presentation skills and made meaningful contacts. I now work at a top international Law firm and I am about to start my training contract. My experience at WIC was life changing to say the least and as a proud member of WIC I continue to be involved with their work and I hope to have a lasting presence at the Charity.”

Jamie Tavares, London, 2014.



Daniel Wilson

Daniel Wilson

"In September 2013 I was awarded the West India Committee Scholarship and I am currently pursuing M.Sc. International Planning and Development at Cardiff University.

Former President of the Student Union (Guild of Students) at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus in Jamaica and currently the Caribbean and Canada Regional Representative for the Commonwealth Students’ Association (CSA) the West India Committee supported me when I came to London.

The West India Committee supported me with accommodation, helped me pursue my education endeavours and assisted me to secure gainful employment, without WIC I would not be where I am today.”

Daniel Wilson, Cardiff/London, 2013