The West India Committee Mission


The Object of the West India Committee is to promote the interests of:

  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Trade

of the West Indies, Guyana and Belize to increase the general welfare of the people of those territories and their global diaspora through education, training, acting as an advocate, adviser and where necessary, as an umbrella organisation.



Our vision is to utilise the West India Committee in its capacity as a nongovernmental organisation, charity and trading vehicle to develop new, bespoke strategies to improve the general welfare and prosperity of West Indians both in the Caribbean and the societies in which they live and work globally.



The West India Committee seeks to develop sustainable prosperity amongst the West Indian community both in the Caribbean and within the societies in which they live and work globally, providing a means whereby West Indians may themselves resolve the issues that had hindered their progress for generations. The West India Committee believes in the values of a combination of good governance, economic diversification and Smart Aid coupled with local innovation and entrepreneurialism informed by an in depth comprehension of the culture and heritage of the region and its peoples.

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The West India Committee is dedicated to ensuring our outlook in business and diplomacy is tied in with our philosophy of always being socially responsible. Ensuring people in the Caribbean and West Indians globally prosper is centrally important to the Committee, we aim to promote social cohesion in all ventures undertaken. We believe this prosperity is only achievable through education and training and we ensure that those two essential aspects of human development are incorporated into all our projects and work.